A tree falls in the forest 

And you wonder 

“Who cut it down?”
“How many more trees have fallen?”
"Why did it fall?"
"What was this tree doing in this forest?"
"What's a tree?"

In my rideshare home earlier tonight my driver told me that she “just found out that the UK was an island. Just found out like this year.”

Aren’t all continents just islands with bigger egos though?

After a trip down the internet rabbit hole, even the most satisfying answer (a geologically-minded answer on r/explainlikeimfive) makes continents/islands seem like merely a construct created to help us grasp the stupendousness of the world.

Rideshare was underlined by my spellcheck and I wonder when it will make it to dictionary that lives behind my keyboard.

Orbits by Claire George

“That way the universe would know there's something out there”

Order from Chaos by Max Cooper

don’t listen to it on Spotify, watch/listen this cool Youtube video instead

Party Theme (Bout De Toi Remix) by Anemone

“j'irais au bout du monde”

Happy listening,


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